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The world is changing and Bungle Fresh is a next generation marketer & exporter. Specialising in premium fruits, vegetables, milk, cheese, butter from Australia and around the World.

Established in 2008 as a family owned and operated Australian business, Bungle Fresh is a the forefront of the fresh produce industry.

We underpin everything we do with two main goals - Quality and Service.  Bungle fresh understands the pressures in all facets of the supply chain from growing, wholesaling to final retailing.  In order to meet the requirements we work with a dedicated, self motivated network of people working toward a common goal.

In addition to traditional exports of straight loads of a single product, Bungle Fresh also offers consolidated mixed order loads of both sea-freight and air-freight to meet specific customer needs.




With passion, innovation, and integrity to lead the next generation of fresh produce marketers and growers



To build on long lasting, profitable relationship from the farm gate to the customers basket in all markets domestic and international.

Be known for fast, simple honest, product and market information giving all parties the insight to grow their business

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