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Bungle Fresh makes exporting goods simple. With relationships across most major continents, our produce is sourced and exported worldwide with ease.

Bungle Fresh combines years of experience with a fresh approach to delivering the best Australian produce all over the world.  From straight  loads to mixed/consolidated containers, Bungle can do anything their customers require.

Through an in depth understanding of our customers, we pride ourselves on supplying the best quality and service the industry can offer



Recognised as one of Australia's leading fresh produce importers, Bungle Fresh consistently source high quality produce from around the world to ensure customer satisfaction.


Bungle Fresh works closely with its International partners to develop and maintain close working relationships with its supply base to ensure only the best produce is supplied.


Bungle Fresh is dedicated to quality service and our attention to detail ensures we are constantly delivering outstanding results. 



The footprint we have domestically covers all of Australia trading daily into all central markets from Brisbane to Perth and working with some of Australia’s best retailers means we have an in-depth understanding of what the Australian market is doing.


With a supply base covering the entire country and all growing regions means we can supply a majority of our core products year round.


Milk & Dairy

While fresh produce underpins much of our export business, we are often asked to help solve pain points for our customers. This is how Bungle Fresh began exporting dairy products.

This now includes:
•    UHT milk
•    Butter
•    Margarine and Other Edible Oils
•    Cheese
•    Grocery Items
•    anything else our customers request

Milk & Dairy

Procurement and Sourcing

As the requirements for our customers change so does the products and services they need. Bungle Fresh with it's highly diversified supply base and unique supply chain capacity means we can quickly and efficiently pivot to meet any new or unique requirements from any of our partners.

Bungle Fresh is foremost a fresh produce business which runs 24/7, this means the timelines and speed that we can implement these changes are faster than most other people in the traditional supply chain.

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